Photo trip to the Republic of Georgia

Whether you are a beginner, advanced or a professional photographer: Georgia is one of those spots on this planet where you can truly capture the magic. The landscapes are breathtaking, the architecture can be from the 6th century to hyper-modern, the light, especially in the mountains, is spectacular. Come with us on a journey you will never forget.The photographers Lela Meparishvili and Maurice Wolf will make sure you won’t only see the touristic spots but also the hidden Georgia.

Photo Tour in Georgia Caucasus

Travel dates

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Travel price: EUR 1680,00

26 September – 10 October 2022

22 May – 3 June 2022 (South and Western Georgia)

5 May -17 May 2022 (Photo Journey Armenia)

9 August – 20 August 2022 (Photo Journey Azerbaijan)

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Travel program

Day of arrival
First overnight stay is included in the price

Day 1.  Discover Tbilisi/ Tiflis and meet a Georgian photographer

Explore the city on your own
You can use the first half of the day to get acquainted with Tbilisi, its flair, the people, the colors and the light.
At 2 pm we’ll meet for a snack in a typical Georgian Cafe. At around 3 pm we’ll visit a well-known Georgian photographer who will present us his work and can tell us interesting stories.
7 pm. Welcome dinner in a traditional Georgian restaurant. Overnight stay in 3* hotel

In Tbilisi

Day 2. Tbilisi/Mzcheta

In the morning we’ll do a guided city walking tour in Tbilisi where we would like to tell you about some little-known details of the city and its eventful history since the 6th century.
1 pm. Short trip to Mzcheta, the former capital of Georgia, which is now part of the UNESCO world heritage.
After lunch we will visit the old church Svetizchoweli where lots of traditional wedding ceremonies take place on Sundays with ample possibilities to take great pictures
Return to Tbilisi. Overnight stay in 3* hotel

Day 3. Soviet architecture in Rustavi/ car bazaar/ studio visit

Rustavi was built in 1948 on Stalin’s orders as an industrial center for steelworks and various chemical conglomerates for about 150,000 people. The first buildings were built by German prisoners of war and later “normal” prisoners were used in addition to ordinary construction brigades. The young construction workers mainly came from western Georgia and were attracted by high salaries and low-cost housing. After a complete breakdown in the 1990s, the city is now on the road to recovery. Last but not least, the construction of the largest car bazaar in the Caucasus, the boom in the construction industry and the construction of a highway from Tbilisi to Azerbaijan contributed to this. We will as well visit an artist’s studio and take a walk through an extremely complex and interesting city.

Return to Tbilisi. Overnight stay in 3* hotel

Photo: Archil Kikodze

Day 4. Along the Georgian Military Road to Mount Kasbek

A drive along the Georgian Military Road over the Cross Pass (2395 m) to Stepantsminda on Mount Kazbek is a must for everybody doing a trip to Georgia! On our way there we’ll stop at the picturesque fortress of Ananuri built in the 17th century and at the panoramic platform of 1983 with breathtaking views of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus. On the way we’ll a have lunch and get a taste of the typical Georgian dish Khinkali. In the evening photography of Mount Kazbek, which, with its 5033 meters, belongs to the highest and mightiest peaks of the country.
Overnight stay in 3* hotel in Stepantsminda

Day 5. At Mount Kazbek/Night Photography in Tbilisi

People and landscapes at Mount Kazbek offer a wealth of photographic opportunities. Photography in Stepantsminda 3 pm return to Tbilisi.
At 8 pm we’ll go out to take pictures of beautiful Tbilisi at night
overnight stay in 3* hotel in Tbilisi

Day 6. The steppe of David Garedji

Ride in the steppes to the monastery of the hermit David Garedji on the border with Azerbaijan.
Lunch in the Polish-Georgian Cafe Oasis in the abandoned village of Udabno.
We’ll continue our trip to the little wine village of Sighnaghi in the fertile Kakhetian plain of the Caucasus mountains.
Overnight stay in 2* hotel in Sighnaghi

Steppe David Garedji by Archil Kikodze

Day 7. Winegrowing in Lagodekhi

Morning walk through the pretty wine town of Sighnaghi. Ride to the foot of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus to Lagodekhi. Lunch.
In the afternoon we’ll visit the typical Georgian vineyards and can taste the local heavy wines made in Qvevris. In addition to wines, the Lagodekhi region is rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, flowers and honey and has the oldest national park in Georgia and the former Soviet Union. Overnight stay in family hotel in Lagodekhi

Water Buffaloes in Kakheti

Day 8. Baking, cooking and culinary delights

Together we will be baking and cooking in Ninigori / Lagodekhi at a family home. First we’ll bake the typical Georgian bread called Shoti, then learn to prepare simple and tasty salads. The highlight is the production of dumplings called khinkali with various sorts of meat and potatoes. This will give us lots of opportunities to make photographs of a traditional Georgian kitchen.
Overnight stay in a family hotel in Lagodekhi

Day 9. The lively bustle at the cattle bazaar of Kabali

Every Sunday people from the region meet at the bazaar Kabali for trading and socializing. Georgians, Azerbaijani, Ossetians, Russians, Chechens, Lesghinen, Avars and others buy and sell horses, cows and sheep but also furniture, tools, clothing, food, school books and spare parts etc. – basically everything needed to live in the countryside. The bazaar begins at dawn and goes on until around 11 o’ clock. You will be overwhelmed by the possibilities to take pictures!
Afterwards we’ll visit a typical Azerbaijanian restaurant and we’ll get a taste of the local cuisine of Kabali – we are in Asia. ..
In the afternoon 60 km drive to Telavi, the regional capital of Kakheti.
Overnight stay in hotel in Telavi


Day 10. Ancient commercial town of Uplistsikhe and Stalin’s birth place Gori

From Telavi we’ll drive to the central region of Kartli, The Georgian name for Georgia – SAKARTVELO – is derived from this. The Greeks translated it into in GEORGIA – Land of the Farmers -. Uplistsikhe was an important trading center on the trade routes along the river Kura. The old town of Gori became famous by the dictator Stalin, who spent his childhood here and whose museum is still as it was in the Soviet times.
Overnight stay in hotel in Gori

Tibani Kakheti by Hans Heiner Buhr

Day 11. Life of the Georgian monks

Cross of the Rikoti Pass to Western Georgia to Kutaisi, the capital of the Imereti region. Walk in Kutaisi. We will continue our trip to the region of Mingrelia to a monastery in Martvili where the way of living of the monks will be shown and explained to us.
Overnight stay in guest house in Martvili

Day 12.  The defense towers of Svaneti

Martvili – Jvari – Svaneti- Becho (or Mestia)
Due to its inaccessible location Svaneti was never conquered or occupied by foreign troops until 1860 and for centuries it was the retreat and sanctuary of Georgian kings. Coming to Svaneti we’ll see astonishingly beautiful mountains, mighty defense towers, ancient villages and impressively nice and beautiful people. Optionally we can take the cable car to the mountains around Mestia to admire the highest peaks of the Caucasus.
Overnight stay in family hotel in Becho or Mestia

birdwatching in Chaukhi 0890

Day 13.  To the Black Sea 

About a 5 to 6 hours drive to the seaport of Batumi at the Black Sea with several stops along the way. Citruses, teas, spices and fish – these are also Georgia’s ingredients The Black Sea has always been a bridge to the Greeks and Romans, to the Vikings of Kievan Rus, to the Orient to Istanbul and to Venice. In Batumi you’ll truly find the crossroads of Europe and Asia. We will find time to stroll along the boulevards at the seaside and explore the city.
Overnight stay in hotel in Batumi

Day 14. Relax in Batumi

Today we will relax, stroll, eat and enjoy our last day. Evaluation of the tour. Dinner near the port
Overnight stay in hotel in Batumi

Day 15. Departure

Departure either from Batumi Airport or return to Tbilisi with the guides and return flight from there

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1 overnight stay in Sighnaghi, Hotel
2 overnight stays in Lagodekhi, Family Hotel
1 overnight stay in Telavi, Hotel
1 overnight stay in Gori, Hotel
1 overnight stay in Martvili, Family Hotel
1 overnight stay in Becho or Mestia, Family Hotel
2 overnight stays in Batumi, Hotel
Welcome evening in a typical Georgian restaurant
One visit of a Georgian photographer
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    Photo: Archil Kikodze