One day Culinary tours in Georgia

Cooking lesson with Annabele and Niko-9

One day cooking class in Tbilisi
Professional chefs at famous restaurants and culinary academy will teach you how to make delicious Georgian dishes such as Khachapuri, khinkhali, pkhali nigvziani (vegetables in walnut paste and unique Georgian spices) and many others. After preparation you can enjoy with lunch/dinner you prepared with the glass of delicious Georgian wine.
Tour price includes:
Guided tour
Cooking class with chef
Lunch or dinner (meal you prepared during the cooking lesson)
Glass of wine
Transportation to the restaurant

Number of participants:
From 2 to 8
Price: from 75,00 EUR

A day in Kakheti
Kakheti is Georgia’s main wine-producing region. Wine grapes have been cultivated in these lands for 8000 years which makes Kakheti the cradle of wine.
What makes Georgian wine unique, is kvevri – large clay vessels used for the fermentation and storage of wine since ancient times. The unique way of making Georgian wine was passed on by the Georgian orthodox monks through the ages.
We’ll have an early start from Tbilisi, leaving the city behind for vineyards, qvevri, tradition and fantastic wine and food. Our first stop will be at the Alaverdi monastery. A total of 104 endemic varieties of grapes grow at Alaverdi monastery of st. George which traces its history back to the 6th century. We will visit church and wine making facilities followed by a testing of wines made by monks. Then we will continue our trip to village Ninigori where we will be hosted by nice family and they will show us how to make traditional Kakhetian dishes:
Khinkhali – dumplings stuffed with meat/mushrooms/cheese/potatoes. Making them yourself is a lot of fun and eating them is even better!
Chakapuli – lamb/veal stew with tarragon and other fresh herbs, tkemali (green plums) and white wine.
Churchkhela – traditional Georgian sweet made from nuts and tatara -wine pouding.
At the end we will enjoy with Georgian feast ”supra” – tasting local wines with food we prepared together before our journey back to Tbilisi.
Tour price includes:
Guided tour to Kakheti
Transportation from/to Tbilisi/Kakheti
Tour and wine tasting at Alaverdi monastery
Master class in making local dishes
Dinner at local family in Kakheti
Price: from 120,00 EUR
Number of participants:
From 2 to 8

A day in Imereti
Imereti is located in the central part of Western Georgia and is famous for its very diverse cuisine, colorful open door markets to walk, spices and herbs. Famous Georgian dishes like khachapuri, pkhali nigvziani (vegetables in walnut paste), tabaka (roasted chicken under the pressure), tkemali and many others were invented here! Besides, Imereti is another main wine region of Georgia, so it is another reason to visit this wonderful and very hospitable region!
We will start from Tbilisi (or Mestia, Batumi???) and drive to Kutaisi to the second largest city of Georgia. We will visit Bagrati cathedral (XIth c) and Gelati monastery (XIIth c) built by the most beloved king of Georgia David Agmashenebeli. After that we will walk to the famous open door market in Kutaisi to obtain Georgian spices, fresh vegetables and many other ingredients to prepare deliciousness later. After that we will drive to village Vartsikhe (28 km from Kutaisi) where we will be shown how to make:
Imeretian (the most common type) cheese from raw, cow milk
Cottage cheese (nadughi)
Chadt (corn tortillas) on clay plates (ketsi) at fire place
Tabaka (roasted chicken under the pressure) – on ketsi at fire place
Khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread, probably the most famous Georgian food)
Georgian salad of tomatoes and cucumbers
Of course this will be accompanied with local wines – Tsitska and tsolikauri

Tour price includes:
Guide service
Kutaisi city tour
Transportation to/from Kutaisi
Dinner with wine
Master class in cooking local food
Overnight in Kutaisi

Note: price doesn’t include buying ingredients at local market
Price: from 120,00 EUR
Number of participants:
From 2 to 8

A day in Samegrelo
Samegrelo is one of the richest and most beautiful regions of Georgia. If you come here with us and visit historical sites, enjoy the hospitality of local people and cuisine – you will never forget this trip!
Samgrelo is famous for its very spicy but very delicious food. Megrelian adjika sauce is very sharp, another very significant dishes are gebzhalia and elarji, also megrelian kharcho. Gebzhalia is a starter – delicate rolls with fresh sulguni cheese and mint in matsoni (Georgian yogurt) sauce. It just melts in your mouth!!! Elarji is polenta brewed from local corn flour with sulguni cheese inside.
We will start our trip very early either from Tbilisi/Kutaisi/or Svaneti. We will visit beautiful Martvili monastery which is rich with mural paintings from medieval centuries. After that we will go to local family, where will be shown how to make:
Megrelian kharcho (beef/pork stew with walnut and local spices)
Megrelian khachapuri
A bottle of local wine (ojaleshi) will also be served
Tour price includes:
Guided service
Master class in making local food
Dinner with bottle of wine

Price: from 120,00 EUR

Market walk
It’s really worth to visit Georgian open door markets (bazaar) at least once! You can find lots of fresh products (meat, fish, poultry, local cheese, vegetables and fruits), local sweeties (churchkhela, chiri) and many other delicious things in Georgian bazaar.
This exciting and interactive tour will take place at the lively market where you can shop for seasonal, fresh and typical Georgian ingredients. A local experienced guide will take you through the rich colors, flavors and aromas of many traditional Georgian dishes. Guests will learn how to pick the perfect ingredients for some of the famous Georgian dishes. After the market walk you’ll enjoy a local authentic Georgian lunch to serve as inspiration for what you’ll create in your kitchen back at home with your delicious market souvenirs.
We will organize market walks in Tbilisi at famous dezertirebis bazaar, also in Kutaisi, at peasant’s’ market.
Tour price includes:
Guided tour at market
Price: from 25,00 EUR
Number of participants : from 2 to any

Flea market walk at Dry bridge (mshrali khidi)
Extraordinary flea market in Tbilisi at dry bridge (mshrali khidi) will keep entertained for hours. There is a wide choice of antiques, jewelry and bric-a-bra on sale. Everything is laid out on ground, often carefully arranged on sheets of material. There is a huge assortiment of all sorts of antiques, jewellery, old soviet time and Georgian books, maps, paintings, canvas and etc.
Tour price includes:
Guided tour at market
Price: from 25,00 EUR
Number of participants : from 2 to any

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